Next week, Scandinavia House, a Nordic cultural center located in New York City, will host “Greenland Week,” with three artistic and cultural programs dedicated to shedding light on the remote island. On Wednesday, February 29 and Friday, March 2, a coming-of-age movie called Inuk about a troublesome boy sent from the capital, Nuuk, to live in a youth home in Uummannaq, in north-central Greenland, will play. The trailer is below. The film is in Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic), the official language of Greenland since June 2009, with subtitles. The trailer bills Inuk as the “first film ever about modern Greenland.”

On Thursday, the short documentary, The Tale of Uummannaq, will play with free admission. The film is about the town’s risk of disappearing.


Finally, on Friday Scandinavia House will put on “Greenland Children’s Day.” All sorts of activities will take place, including introductions to Kalaallisut, mask-making, music, and the presentation of a short film about a child living in Uummannaq.

If you’re in New York, any of these events should be worth checking out, particularly since it’s rare to see movies from Greenland play anywhere in the U.S. If watching life unfold in northern Greenland isn’t your thing though, Scandinavia House will also be hosting a whole series dedicated to New Nordic Cinema through May. Some of the most popular new movies from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway will be shown.

Scandinavia House is located at 58 Park Avenue, New York, NY.


“Greenland Week” at Scandinavia House in NYC next week

  1. Thank you, Mia! Btw, tomorrow our Greenland Week in NYC will move from Scandinavia House to The Explorers Club. For the first time ever Greenlandic children will arrive to the global headquarters of explorers and scientists not as simple tourists or visitors, but as presenters of their own cause. The night with Uummannaq Music&Uummannaq Children’s Home will start at 6:30. Everyone is welcome!
    Galya Morrell
    Uummannaq Music co-founder and artistic director

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