Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

In addition to the (generally paywalled), my academic publications are available on and ResearchGate.

Bennett, M. M. (2018). “From state-initiated to indigenous-driven infrastructure: The Inuvialuit and Canada’s first highway to the Arctic Ocean.” World Development 109 (134-148).

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Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bennett, M. M. (2018). Review of the book Unfreezing the Arctic: science, colonialism, and the transformation of Inuit lands (Andrew Stuhl). Polar Geography, 41(2): 139-143.

Bennett, M. M. (2018). Landscapes of northern extraction [photo essay]. Critical Planning, 23(2): 268-273.

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Bennett, M. M. (2008). “Icy/Hot: Norwegian and Finnish Policy toward the European Union,” Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union 1, 1-14.

Selected Popular Press Articles

I freelance regularly for The Maritime Executive and have also published both articles and maps in magazines in Japan and Canada, including ReNew Canada, Water Canada, and FACTA (Japan). I have also written guest blog posts, some of which are included below.

(2018). “The Polar Code, One Year On.” The Maritime Executive, January/February, 64-72.

(2018). “Emission Impossible.” The Maritime Executive, January/February, 92-98.

(2017). “Will All Roads Lead to China?” The Maritime Executive, September/October, 30-37.

(2016). “As the Arctic Melts, Singapore Rises to the Top.” The Maritime Executive, March/April.

(2015). “China Rediscovers its Northern Roots.” Guest blog post for the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute Blog, March.

(2015). “Polar Cruising: The New Explorers.” The Maritime Executive, January/February.

(2014). “Into the Deep Blue Sea: Mining’s Next Frontier.” The Maritime Executive, November/December, 38-42.

(2014). “Knots in the Ice: Commercial Shipping in the Arctic.” The Maritime Executive, May/September, 62-70.

(2013). “The Cold Gold Rush,” Water Canada, January.

(2011). “Northern Exposure,” ReNew Canada 7(2): 26-31. (Including map.) (PDF