On Wednesday, Greenland’s left-wing opposition party, Inuit Ataqatigiit, won the elections with 44% of the vote. It will control 14/31 seats in the Greenlandic Parliament, the Landsting. The Siumut Party, which has ruled Greenland for the past thirty years, was ousted.

The new government will form in time for expanded home rule, which begins on June 21. Greenland voted for greater independence from Denmark last November, with the result that the island will control its oil and mineral resources and Greenlandic will become the official language. Eventually, once it has the economic wherewithal, Greenland will also gain responsibilities in 32 new areas, such as justice and legal affairs. Still, however, Greenland and Denmark will split oil revenues fifty-fifty until Greenland pays back Denmark for all of the economic subsidies it has received over the years. Subsidies are what has prevented complete independence for Greenland, as they constitute a vital 2/3 of the local economy.

News links

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