Canada will follow through on its promise to invest in the High North by building a research station in Nunavat. Three locations in the territory are being considered to house the High Arctic Research Station, which Canada hopes will attract foreign scientists. In addition, $85 million has been set aside for improving existing research facilities in the Arctic over the next two years.

The official press release from Canada’s Department of Indian and Northern Affairs notes that this action supports the country’s

“integrated Northern Strategy that focuses on demonstrating Canada’s Arctic sovereignty, protecting the North’s environmental heritage, promoting social and economic development, and improving and devolving northern governance.”

It is hoped that the development will aid Nunavat’s development by creating more jobs and strengthening the economy over the long term.

According to the Globe and Mail, some Arctic scientists have criticized the government’s plan to fund infrastructure rather than research. Canadian readers who have commented on the article also appear somewhat cynical about the plan, as they think that these foreign researchers will be employed by “oil companies or diamond mines.”

Possible Locations for Research Station. Map made in Google Earth.
Possible Locations for Research Station. Map made in Google Earth.


Canada to build research station in Nunavat

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