At the end of 2014, I published a post called “The Arctic: A Year in Pictures.” To continue that tradition with a twist is 2015’s version: The Global Arctic: A Year in Pictures. This also builds on last week’s post, “A Year in the Global Arctic.” There, I wrote that in this globalized era, you have to go outside the region to really begin to understand it.

Three times this year, I traveled to areas that would generally be described as the Arctic – first in Bodø, Norway in March, second in Solovki and Arkhangelsk, Russia in August, and third in Fairbanks, Alaska in September – but only in Bodø was I actually above the Arctic Circle, and only barely so. If we define the Arctic according to the Arctic Circle, north of which the sun doesn’t set on the summer solstice, I was only there for a couple of days this year.

That detail of geography aside, I still witnessed the ways in which the Arctic is tied into the rest of the world by traveling to places like Spain (where Icelandic bacalao was on sale at the market), Singapore (where I visited Keppel Offshore and Marine, which produces ships and jack-up rigs for the Arctic), and Seattle (where the Arctic Club building proudly stands in all its walrus-ensconced glory). So here is a set of photos about the Arctic, but mostly taken south of the Arctic Circle. 

Walking around Bodø, Norway. March 2015.
A lake in northern Norway seen from a train window. March 2015.
Nordland Railway
A brief stop along the Nordland Railway in Norway. March 2015.
Icelandic cod (bacalao) for sale at Mercado de la Boqueria, Barcelona, Spain. March 2015.
Daisies blooming in summer in Helsinki, Finland. July 2015.
Walking by the post office in Solovki, Arkhangelsk, Russia. August 2015.
A dog at dusk on Solovki, Arkhangelsk, Russia. August 2015.
A new Orthodox cathedral being built in Arkhangelsk, Russia. New churches are sprouting up across the country as the Orthodox Church enjoys a renaissance. August 2015.
Cranes and skyscrapers in Singapore, which is increasingly hosting Arctic events and forums. September 2015.
Mammoth tusks in Alaskan landowner John Reeves’ private library, Fairbanks, Alaska. September 2015.
Some of the biggest movers and shakers in Arctic oil and gas at the Arctic Energy Summit, Fairbanks, Alaska. September 2015.
The Arctic Club building in Seattle, WA. November 2015.
The Port of Seattle, where Shell’s oil drilling rig, Polar Pioneer, was based before sailing to Alaska this summer. November 2015.


The global Arctic: A year in pictures

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