Survey lines for oil and gas exploration cut a grid into the Siberian taiga in the Sakha Republic, Russia.

For people living in or near Maine, I’ll be giving a talk at Bowdoin College tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 13) called, “Perspectives on resource extraction in the global Arctic.” The talk is open to the public and it’s sponsored by the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center – both of which I’m excited to visit. I’ve never been to Maine before, so it will be neat to witness how the state is making forays into the Arctic. One example, as I’ve mentioned before, is the relocation of Icelandic shipping company’s Eimskip North American port of call to Portland – just thirty minutes south of Bowdoin.

Here’s the abstract for my talk:

Although foreigners have journeyed to the Arctic since at least the 15th century in search of natural resources, the global networks engaged today in extracting the region’s commodities are bigger and more complex than ever before. By relying on approaches from political geography and remote sensing, I’ll shed light on the contemporary pathways and processes of Arctic resource extraction.

I hope you can make it!

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Talk on April 13 at Bowdoin College, Maine

  1. Hello Mia,

    Welcome back! This looks interesting, but unfortunately a bit far for me to reach. Will you have a copy of the remarks that might be available afterwards?



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